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Wonderful marriage
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Wonderful marriage |

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Written to share the wisdom gleaned from 56 years of married life, this book is a levelheaded marriage manual with supporting commentary from a nationally-known family therapist. Providing a portrait of a remarkable and productive egalitarian marriage, as well as thoughtful speculation about the high rate of divorce in America today, the discussion holds that, no matter how dull it sounds, a rational approach works best in relationships. Advising young people to value character over charm and generosity over selfishness when choosing a mate, the book also discusses the big topics of money, religion, sex, gender roles, child-rearing, and dreams for the future with useful and touching insights about honest and loving communication. Taking a broad and basic view of marriage and avoiding gimmicks and trendy theories, this guide offers solid advice as well as a big pep talk on the happiness—not the hassle—of a committed relationship.
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