The Empire Blues: A Novel
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The Empire Blues: A Novel |

Taylor Branch

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First-novelist Branch (a Washington columnist/editor) is hip as can be, loaded with talent (chiefly satiric), and bursting with ideas for a half-dozen novels. Unfortunately, he has heaved all those ideas into one boggy, epically uneven book, linking up two very different worlds through a rather bland and passive main character--David Howell, a youngish writer for Washington magazine. By far the more distinctive of those two worlds is the near-plotless sexual, political, and hugely verbal comedy of Howell's D.C. circle: an eccentric sampling of 35-ish reporters, activists, feminists, and government types--poker pals, chums, and lovers who complete circuits "in the great Washington penis-vagina network." Principal figures in this whip-smart group: just-divorced, disillusioned Senate aide Henry Woodruff, who chaotically moves into Howell's apartment-- where he announces flaky theories of sex and politics, maniacally constructs obscene, symbolic Rube Goldberg contraptions, and broods over his ex-wife while pursuing unlikely women; Haven Pinder, Howell's loving neighbor, who's into bologna-and-potato-chip sandwiches and masterminds the rescue of another neighbor (ancient Miss Lily Snow) from a nursing home; rival reporters from the Times and the D.C. Post; and the violently incompatible but oddly complementary editors of Howell's magazine.

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