Is that a dead dog in your locker?
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Is that a dead dog in your locker? |

Todd Strasser

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A hilarious middle grade novel perfect for boy readers from popular author Todd Strasser. The Tardy Boys, Wade and Leyton, are always getting into trouble, especially when they're dealing with the school bully, Barton Slugg. When their friend Daisy brings her neighbor's old dog Wheezy to school, the boys have to help her hide him. Not only does the school have a no-furry-animals-allowed policy, but the class crybaby, Fibby Mandible, is horribly allergic to animal fur. Barton is trying everything to uncover Wheezy's hiding place and get the boys in hot water. It will take the ingenious work of the Tardy Boys to outsmart him, with some hilarious results.

Etiquetado como: Cuentos  Ficción  Infantil 

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