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Michael M. Thomas

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Covering seven decades of depression, triumph, war, and tragedy, from the roaring, gilded 1920s to the projected chaos of the 1990s, Hanover Place is a saga of “The Firm,” Warrington & Co., a great house of finance whose influence spreads far beyond Wall Street. And it is the story of the two families—one WASP, one Jewish—who dominate that firm.

First come the Warringtons, whose proud name has graced Wall Street and New York society since the 1800s. There’s Fletcher, the patriarch, and his son, Howland, whose 1924 marriage to Lyda opens the book. The dynasty continues with their children: Lex and Dee, the glamorous twins and heirs-apparent to Hanover Place; Andrew, reflective and decent, unsure about his Wall Street destiny; Jay, volatile and intuitive, a born trader; and Miranda, conceived in a moment of indiscretion, whose personality is dark and dangerous.

Etiquetado como: Drama  Novela 

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