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Firebird |

James Carroll

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Firebird, the author's seventh novel, is about the most fateful act of espionage of the twentieth century. Set in the era of Hiss, Fuchs, McCarthy and the Rosenbergs, all of who feature in this story. It is a breathtaking political thriller. But unlike the best works of that genre - Carroll is often compared to Graham Greene - it is also a disturbing examination of our political and moral disenchantment.

The time is 1949. When American officials learn that the Russians have detonated an atomic weapon, they realize that the most tightly held secret in the nation's history has been penetrated. HOw? By who? Is the traitor still in place? is the future of atomic research jeopardized? The FBi in its most urgent mission ever, is charged with finding out. (less)

Etiquetado como: Espionaje  Misterio  Narrativa  Novela  Suspenso 

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