Conquering deception
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Conquering deception |

Jef Nance

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Ever wonder if you're hearing the whole story in a conversation? Conquering Deception delivers the tools to recognize the hidden meanings of what others say using principles originated by America's savviest police investigators. Conquering Deception adapts these principles for use in any setting--business or personal--to be used in an informal and non-confrontational style. A handbook for the savvy conversationalist that is practical, effective, and one-of-a-kind.


A few highlights: interpreting eye movements, ways to pose questions that always get honest answers, dispelling myths of lying, using agreement to our advantage in conversation, the amazing significance of hearing a person say "I think...," techniques for influencing others, using silence as a 'weapon,' recognizing nose gestures, judging deception without being accusatory.

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