Complete confidence
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Complete confidence |

Sheenah Hankin

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Psychotherapist Sheenah Hankin provides a simple, effective plan to achieve confidence-without long-term medication and self-esteem psychobabble.

Dr. Sheenah Hankin, renowned psychotherapist, points the way to a confident life free from self-criticism, anxiety, and immature anger. This handbook will teach you new ways of thinking and acting, and you will learn to retrain your brain to manage you emotions and put your problems into perspective. Complete Confidence makes a big promise, and Dr. Sheenah Hankin is poised to deliver. During her 20-plus years as a full-time psychotherapist, she has helped hundreds of clients with the Winning Hand of Comfort: a clear and concise prescription for dealing with everyday situations, from resolving conflicts to ending unhealthy habits like overeating, complaining, and procrastinating. The five simple steps of the Winning Hand will teach you how to calm down, clarify you thinking, challenge your blame habit, comfort your negative feelings, and achieve confidence.

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