Vocal power: Harnessing the power within
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Vocal power: Harnessing the power within |

Arthur Samuel Joseph

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You may spend thousands of dollars a year making sure you look good, feel good, and even smell good. But how do you sound? A first impression is created in three seconds, and, as the proverb goes, you never get a second chance to make one. Vocal Power will teach you how to dictate your identity--as you want it to be--and not have it dictated to you. The vocal workout, originated by Arthur Samuel Joseph, will help you accomplish a complete personal transformation as it has countless others. Because the Vocal Awareness System integrates your mind/body/spirit, you'll find the techniques have the potential to alleviate common vocal and communication problems, which include fear of public speaking, use of a high "little girl" voice or a weak ineffectual male voice, and vocal tension. Improve your physical health by relieving severe jaw tension (also known as TMJ), hoarseness, and tension; enhance your body language and correct poor posture while easing back problems and other tension-related conditions that will allow you to liberate your singing voice. Arnold Schwarzenegger credits Arthur with transforming the only "weak muscles" in his body--his vocal muscles! Imagine what Arthur can do for you. 

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